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June 9, 2016


The last time I blogged I was in the thick of misery as a pregnant mom rearing a 2 year old with all kinds of preterm labor scares and ridiculousness. But hooray! Those days have come and gone and I can finally step back long enough to enjoy and appreciate the crazy little journey I've gone through and take the time to announce: OMG, I HAVE A DAUGHTER!!! And holy shit...I have two kids!

On January 7th at 3 something in the morning I received my very own little girl, Adrian Jules. And boy oh boy is she a gem.

Anyone who has more than one kid can attest that no two pregnancies are alike, nor are the babies themselves. Adrian and Dylan are total opposites- which is both super fun and super annoying. For instance:

  • Dylan was a 20+ hour labor; Adrian was an 8 hour labor.
  • Baby Dylan didn't cry; baby Adrian screamed as if she was being skinned alive every day from 5pm - 10pm until she turned 3 months old.
  • Dylan reserved all of his affections for his dad (I was chopped liver); Adrian can't get enough of me (YAY!).
  • Dylan couldn't roll over for the life of him; Adrian is practically doing somersaults.
  • Dylan slept through the night at 11 weeks old; Adrian...HAHA! We're on week 22- what's sleep?

But I'm not complaining. Sure, there's colic, sleep deprivation, and extra work now that my children-count has multiplied, but I am SO HAPPY! Adrian Jules is the little girl I never knew I couldn't live without. So please consider this a formal proclamation of my unwavering, unconditional, and boundless love I have for my most precious little Adrian.

And also...I'm back!

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