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April 8, 2015

A Week of Silence: Day 3...Starting to Go Cuckoo

Dear 2 Year Old Son of Mine,

I know you're spring breaking your life away with Grandma but GUESS WHAT? I miss you. Tonight will be your 4th night sleeping somewhere other than home and I'm going a bit crazy. I'm not kidding.  

When I got home from work yesterday, I plopped my purse right on the couch without worrying about your little grubby hands making their way to the pack of mints sitting inside of it. It was kind of nice not having to think of or act on the hypothetical outcomes toddler life produces. And after that, I rolled out my yoga mat and began leisurely stretching with no toy cars using my mat or my stomach as a highway. I was a free woman in the zone Dylan! 

But then I heard it- the wailing sounds of my only son coming from somewhere in the house. MY BABY! For a moment I hushed myself so as to focus on the cries, only to realize it was a sham. You weren't home and neither were your howls. Damn phantom baby.

Your absence is unavoidably noted by the incessant state of silence you left behind. And it's been reported that you haven't cried nor asked for me, so it's not like my mother's intuition defied time and space and tapped into your realtime weeps. Psh, thanks a lot. Though I appreciate the stress you're sparing my weary heart through your lack of "I want mom" sobs, COME ON! REMEMBER MOM!? MENTION HER. 

I'm officially counting down the days until your return and look forward to the noise you'll be bringing home with you. Cries and all! Thanks for being a good boy for Grandma *knocking on wood*! 

And by the way, I hope the phantom voices are mutual and that you hear phantom mom telling you how much she loves you. If not, you're probably not listening hard enough because my heart is always singing sweet songs of loving you. Have fun at Grandmas you crazy little spring breaker!

I love you Ding Ding!


Your mom (if you even know who that is)

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