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April 6, 2015

A Week of Silence: Day 1

There are things I love doing that my schedule doesn’t allow me to do as much as I’d like, such as working out, yoga, reading fiction, writing, reading blogs, sleeping-in, and sitting around. Instead, my time is spent focusing on chaos management aka running around trying to keep a 2 year old from climbing atop and falling off of tables. You know, mom stuff. But this morning was different. 

In place of the typical early morning bellows, “MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMY! COME HERE!” seeping from my toddler’s room, there was silence. 

And I knew the silence was coming, that the enclosure of Dylan’s school for a Spring Break recess would result in either taking a week off of work or asking a family member to watch him. So when Grandma agreed to take Dylan, I knew he’d be in good hands and that I wouldn’t have to worry. In fact, I was a bit excited for all the free time Spring Break would allot me. But the silence? I wasn’t all that prepared for. 

Dylan’s not screaming because he dropped (threw) his truck. There’s no whining for treats or begging for candy ten minutes before dinner. There’s no stupid children’s song piercing my ears with its redundancy, no cups falling to the floor and clinking, no beeping emitting from some ridiculously annoying toy that someone who clearly hates me gifted my son, and there’s no laughter. No giggles. No pretend play, no singing, no “love you mommy,” and no good morning. 

It’s only day 1 without Dylan and I already miss my rambunctious toddler pulling at my leg and demanding I take him to the park. I even miss his sassy little “I DON’T KNOW MOMMY!” when I ask him questions he damn well knows the answer to. This is the loudest silence I’ve heard in two years. 

So yeah, Dylan’s doing fine. But Mom? She’s trying to remember there’s yoga to do, writing to write, blogs to read and free time to be had! But damn, that silence is almost too loud to concentrate.

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