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March 31, 2015

Pregnant Chick Envy

Dear Obviously Pregnant Chick(s),

I know you must be getting sick of strangers stopping you to hone in on your baby baking, and I realize you're likely bored with all of the stories that start with, "When I was pregnant..." So was I. But please, cut me some slack and understand that very simply put: I envy you. Specifically: first time moms-to-be. 

You see, there's something electrifying about you and your obvious transformation. While men don't show their expectancy, we totally do, and it's really hard not to acknowledge the most amazing and life growing moment when you see it walk past you, protruding belly and all. That electricity is too familiar. 

Though it's been almost three years, it feels like only yesterday I was freaking out over crib prices and referring to the term "mattress sold separately" as a scam (hormonal pass), and only yesterday it feels like I was the one counting down months until my life would forever change. And you only get one first time...and it passes much quicker than it came, by the way. 

Some moms will do it again, like my own...who got pregnant again, and again, and again, and one more time just for good measure. Then there are moms like me, who have that one time and nothing else. And seeing you...well, it's electrifying.

So I'm sorry if my questions bother you, if my recollections and "when I was pregnant's" annoy your rampant, wild flux of pregnancy hormones (like it did to mine). I'm just happy for you, excited for your experience, and feel a sense of camaraderie with you. So thank you. Thanks for reminding me of what waddling to the car looked like, what sharp baby kicks to my ribcage made me yelp, and how happy I am that I'm not pregnant...even though I miss it when I see you, sometimes. Thank you for letting me share that I was her, too. 

And even though it's probably the number one thing you're the sickest of being told...enjoy it. Because one day you'll miss it.

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