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February 17, 2015

My Son Makes Movies With Mickey (He's Big Time)

I used to worry about exposing Dylan to too much technology, but nowadays? I ain’t worried ‘bout nothin’. I’ve come to terms with the fact that tech time is unavoidable and instead shifted my focus on using technology for educational and creative purposes. Disney Imagicademy fits the bill for both, but more importantly, it’s still FUN! Imagicademy is more than just a single free app, it ranges from Mickey’s Magical Math World to Mickey’s Magical Art World, with science and reading in between. 

When you open Disney Imagicademy, the beloved Disney characters and classic Disney stories are all there, ready to interact with Dylan through curriculum that creates a learning experience. I emphasize experience because that’s what makes learning fun and memorable. Dylan doesn’t know that the curriculum he’s operating was designed by top academics and education experts, and he can’t tell that it’s all research driven, he just knows that Mickey is interacting with everything he’s doing.

Though he isn’t aware that Disney Imagicademy is inspiring him to love to learn, that’s exactly what’s taking place. And I know that because there’s a Disney Imagicademy Parents app that shows me what he’s recently created on the app. The Imagicademy Parents app also contains ideas for other activities that I can do with Dylan, and they are pinnable. And you know how that goes… 

Dylan’s current favorite part of Imagicademy is Mickey’s Magical Art World. He draws characters and then uses those characters to make movies. Yes, my son makes movies with Mickey (OMG HE’S A STAR)!

You can download free Disney iPad apps here: Mickey’s Magical Arts World and Disney Imagicademy Parents 

Dylan taking his art very seriously

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