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December 3, 2014

My Baby Ate the Gerber Baby (Thanks Save-A-Lot)

My Gerber baby competitive eating at 7 mo.
When it comes to all-things-Dylan, some things are simply indisputable. Like the fact he favors his dad; he’s sound sensitive; and boyfriend is serious about his food…REAL serious. Right now, I’m trying to teach Dylan that it’s okay to give me a bite of his cookie and if mom asks for one of his beloved Gerber yogurt melts, the world REALLY won’t burn to the ground. Dylan, I swear. The amount of food he can fit in his wittle baby tummy has always surprised me and I’ve often wondered if he has a bright shining future in competitive eating. A mom can only hope.  

But just because Dylan’s stomach is a bottomless pit, doesn’t mean my bank account has to be. There’s no doubt that feeding my child is expensive and I may need a second job in order to keep up with the grocery bill once he’s a teenager. But for now- I can afford to indulge all of his Gerber favorites because they’re officially available at Save-A-Lot. And I save a lot I Save-A-Lot at Save-A-Lot. (lol, I couldn’t help myself.)

Because Gerber foods are baby/toddler approved/consumed and affordable, Dylan’s hungry-hippo non-sharing tendencies are fully enabled. And yes, I did just inadvertently confess to snacking on my 1 year old’s snacks. Don’t judge me, those yogurt melts are amazing and I’m teaching him how to share like any good mom would. One could say that because  I’m teaching him how to Share-A-Lot. (Look, I never claimed to be funny.)

To get in on the Gerber goodness and for the chance to win a $25 Save-A-Lot gift card, visit their Smart Shopper Club Sweepstakes featured on Save-A-Lot’s Facebook page. There’s a winner WEEKLY for #SaveALotInsiders!

http://soch.us/DSnJ-h2Y1" rel="nofollow"

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Save-A-Lot. This could include Save-A-Lot providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment. However, I'm not required to disclose (but will anyway) that Dylan really is a hungry hippo who loves Gerber yum-yums. Proof.

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