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December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas - Happy Holidays

(He barely made the cut.)
If you haven’t noticed, let me be the first to tell you that my blog posts have been pretty spotty over the past month. The holiday season is hands down the busiest time of the year and my blog life has suffered as a result. But it’s okay because this is also my favorite time of the year, remember? Not only is it prime time for family gatherings, holiday cheer, parties, lights, good tidings and well wishes, but it's the ultimate time for gratitude, reflection, and expressions of love.

And love comes in many forms. Love is gracefully accepting someone cutting you off on the freeway; it's this homeless man's grand gestures captured on video; the compassion shown to this grandma shoplifting eggs. Love is giving to charity; the hugs we get from our children before leaving for work; and it's the way we feel about someone, even when they're not with us. And during the crazy rush of the holiday season, love is the pause button that we're never too busy to push. 

So as things begin to settle down and you find your routine picking back up, I hope all the extra love of the season has overwhelmed you and carries you through the next year. I wish you health, happiness, and laughter, and want to thank you for being you. Merry Christmas everyone! Now let's PARTY!

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