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August 26, 2014

Money Money Money, Must Be Funny

What Dylan says and what I hear are two very different things, so when I finally figure out what he’s telling me, it’s as exciting as solving one side of a Rubik’s cube. Sure, I only got a single side to be a solid color which isn’t conquering much of anything at all, and yes, the “one side at a time” strategy is entirely impossible, but HEY! It’s still something! And I’m all about making little victories BIG. So YAY! I have TWO little victories to celebrate because Dylan taught me two words! 

Merk! Last Friday during dinner, Dylan kept whining and whining for “merk, merk.” He was obsessing over merk and kept repeating his request. I had no idea what he wanted and my confusion was driving him to Breakdown City. He slumped in his highchair and began crying for merk and I finally had enough. I set him down on the floor and told him to, “Show mommy,” offering my hand so he could lead the way…to the fridge. Which he opened. And pointed to the milk. OH! Milk! Merk! Duh. Major accomplishment there, thank ya very merk. 

Money! A couple weeks ago in the midst of our mom/son daily play session, Dylan began our typical shouting game in which he bellows like an old bear, "MOMMA!" I’m then to roar back, "YEAAAAH," and we repeat our calls of the wild back and forth several times because we’re weird like that. (And I wonder why he’s such a freak.) Only on this particular day, Dylan didn’t call me momma. He called me, "MONEY!!!" Huh? I laughed, how to heck did he learn “money?” And his pronunciation? On point! So I rolled with it, accepted my new name and taught him the hand gesture of rubbing his thumb and fingers together when he’d say it. It’s irresistible! 

Fast forward to Sunday afternoon when I looked to Dylan mid-goof-off to say, “That’s funny!” He replied, hand gesture and all, “Yes, money.” Ohhhh! This whole time I thought he was calling me money but he actually thinks I’m FUNNY! I still haven’t decided what I’m more excited about, the fact I decoded his message or that he actually thinks I’m FUNNY! Okay, I’m lying. Definitely more pleased with the fact I’m funny. 

So hooray! Though I did set Dylan up to confuse a lot of people when he hand gestures for money when he’s really saying funny, who cares?! I’m practically toddler-talk fluent! And hey, if you consider one side of a Rubik’s cube an accomplishment too, I’m totally available for any of your translation needs.

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