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July 25, 2014

I Need Help

I was the kid that wanted to change the world, with big dreams of peace and high hopes for love on a global level. And as I grew out of my sheltered and warm bubble, the logistics of a complex and imperfect reality left me permanently confused. How come we aren’t equal? How can people be so mean? Why don’t people care? That’s life. But I haven’t completely grown up; I’m still that kid with big dreams and high hopes. And one of my biggest dreams in life is to adopt. The thought of children having to grow without actively involved parents crushes me. I want everyone to feel that unwavering foundation of love. But unfortunately, I can’t adopt every kid (though it breaks my heart to admit it). But there’s good news! Meet the Orangewood Children’s Foundation

The Orangewood Children’s Foundation is a California non-profit that was originally formed by individuals who dreamt of buying a house to provide emergency shelter for abused and neglected kids. And once they accomplished that, they decided to raise the ante and focus on helping foster kids transition out of the foster system and into adulthood. The reality of being released from “the system” on your 18th birthday is mind blowing; you’re on your own whether or not you have a bed to sleep in, period. Orangewood offers those young adults financial assistance, higher education scholarships, mentoring, and housing. They even help support the foster kids that became parents before they became adults. But like most non-profits, Orangewood needs help in order to offer help; and there’s an exciting new way that you can do this by simply selling your used baby/toddler items. 

Bear & Boo - A Children’s Boutique, has launched a consignment area on their website where you can sell your used items. When those items are sold, you receive 50% of what it was sold for and the remaining 50% goes towards providing Orangewood with what they need. Orangewood can’t accept used items so selling what you’re already going to get rid of through Bear & Boo is the next best thing. You don’t even have to do the work of selling it…so smart! 

I realize that each day is filled with an opportunity to help some cause, some group, someone, and it can be overwhelming. Grocery store clerks ask for charitable donations as we check out; spare change is collected in stores everywhere; and we’ve all been humbled by a tough luck story before. And yet we continue to take those opportunities because deep down it’s as if we know that through helping others, we’re really helping ourselves. So this today’s opportunity and if you can, then please do. Details can be found here

Disclaimer: I received absolutely nothing for this post. No product, no money, no promises, nada. I was inspired and humbled by the opportunity to bring attention to a fab organization and a small business that are doing what they can for our youth. And hey, that makes my heart happy.

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