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July 31, 2014

Getting to Know My Son

I’m fascinated with Dylan’s fascinations. When he’s paying attention to something, so am I. And like any other relationship, I get to know him better as time passes. It might sound silly to say I’m “getting to know my son,” but don’t laugh me out the door just yet! He’s a toddler, remember? His world is constantly expanding and the possibilities of what may or may not tickle his fancy, and the impact those things will have on his personality are only just beginning to reveal themselves. So I watch on, I give him space, and I try to let his experiences be his own. But let me tell you what I’m NOT down for....and some others things that are [kind of] okay…maybe. 

Spiders. I get it, they’re small, they crawl, and they’re always a surprise but COME ON! I hate them! But whattaya know- life has a fabulous senses of humor and gave me the kid with SPI-DAR aka the ability to spot any spider, invisible or not. Dylan likes to get on his hands and knees to chase them. It goes like this: Aw, he’s crawling! So cute. “Dylan, what are you doing? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” 

Drinking soap water. I just don't see the appeal. Bath time rolls around and suddenly Dylan’s sitting in the tub face-first in the water so he can drink the soap. Not only does it look like he’s drowning himself but IT’S SOAP. That’s where it begins…and it ends with a starring role on My Strange Addiction. So sorry kid, this is an experience that requires parental interception. 

Scavenging. My favorite sunglasses are missing even though I haven’t lost or misplaced them. I’ve been searching high and low throughout the house and in the process I’ve found: my husband’s missing sunglasses, 12 Hot Wheels I didn’t know we owned, my debit card, and a three week old Redbox case. I can kind of deal with Dylan sponsored scavenger hunts because he hides things in the same three locations but I am not above a couch trapper if my fave sunnies aren’t safely returned, THIEF. 

Selective Generosity. Dylan rarely shares food. He mostly fakes people out by offering to feed someone from his hand before snatching it back and eating it himself. It’s pretty rude and it’s definitely on the stingy side but hey, some people are just adamant that their food is THEIR food. Unless you’re a dog, then suddenly Dylan won’t hesitate to give you every crumb he can. Even if it means reaching above counter tops to pull whatever the dog MIGHT want to eat. Selective generosity? Not down…but pretty sure I can channel this into full-fledged sharing so at least I have something to work with. 

Know-it-all-Parrot-Hybrid. It can be pretty annoying when someone repeats everything you say but I love when Dylan does it because he’s a-know-it-all/parrot hybrid. Each day he brings me the same picture/vocab books, grabs my hand and uses it to point to different objects so that I’ll say its name for him to repeat. Doing this 60 times in one sitting can be a little much but hey, it’s his playtime we’ll do what he wants. Plus, how can I not encourage learning?! 

When Dylan isn’t drinking soap, hiding my stuff, or making friends with spiders, he’s pretty awesome. And though I have an idea of who I’d like Dylan to be, I’m down for getting to know who he already is and going from there. Besides, he’d probably beat me into submission if it were any other way. (Just kidding…kind of.

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