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June 10, 2014

A Weekend for the Books

I had a fantastic weekend. I ditched husband and baby on Saturday morning so I could visit a warehouse sale of one of my favorite brands, BB Dakota. They have 2 warehouse sales a year and both times I tried to make it out to them, the line was ridiculously long and not moving. I decided there was no way I was going to miss the sale a third time so I recruited my fave sister Angela and we were at the BB Dakota headquarters at 8:30 am....for a sale that began at 10. And let me tell ya, it was worth it. Momma got some new clothes! Leather shorts? $5. Cutest dress ever? $10. Basically I went a little crazy but not crazy enough because now I want to go back.

And Sunday? Don't even get me started. The husband and I went on a six mile walk with Dylan in tow and let him run all around the neighborhood. Dylan was in one of those "YAY!" moods where nothing bothers him and in return, I baked the boys cookies. It was magnificent! Incredible! The exact weekend I needed! Until I went to bed on Sunday night only to wake up at 3:34 am to throw up. The culprit? Food poisoning. I'm not going to get into details, I already feel like I went T.M.I. on ya'll, but rest assured I will not be visiting El Pollo Loco anytime in the near or far future. 

I didn't eat a single piece of anything yesterday. And because I wasn't sure I was food poisoned, I kept my distance from Dylan in fear of spreading the flu. Dylan knew I was out of it because he walked into my room cautiously and said, "Hi," as if he were checking up on me. Before I knew it, it was Monday night and Dylan was in bed. I was weak and my husband was eating spaghetti. I missed Dylan. The morning couldn't come any quicker, I wanted to see my baby!

And it was amazing. When he finally woke up I crept in his room and was met with a dozen kisses, several long hugs, and a pleasant "buh-bye!" as I walked out the door to head into the real world. I'm pretty sure that when I'm seventy years old reflecting on my life, these years of being a parent are going to be on the golden highlight reel because nothing brings more light into my life than these experiences. Except maybe my own childhood, because that was also pretty epic. Thanks mom and dad.

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