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May 29, 2014

Giving Myself Some Credit: A Much Needed Exercise

After finding myself stumped during Ask Aways with Tamara Royalty, I decided it was high time for a little exercise. The question posed was seemingly simple, "What's your proudest motherhood moment?" I mostly always go with the first thing that comes to mind when I'm asked a personal question but there was no first thing. Or second thing. Or anything. Sure, I wrote myself out of it but the lack of proud moments really got me thinking DAMN GIRL! You don't give yourself enough credit! 

Let me be clear...I'm not riddled with mommy-guilt. I have my fair share of doubts, kicks to the gut, and moments of "oops," but dwelling on shortcomings is so not me. Plus, my questionable parenting moments are way too abundant to keep track of. This means that I not only forgo mommy-ruts but I also forgo mommy-recognitions. Obviously this has to change. For all the work parents do, they deserve to feel like they're doing it well. RING RING! My exercise has rung: a list of overlooked moments that I can should be proud of. However, my anti-braggy side won't allow me to compile such a list without sprinkling a bit of humble pie. I felt that was pretty reasonable of me. See, I'm already giving myself more credit! This exercise is going great.

  • The first time Dylan got sick (though I don't remember when that was, it all blends in), and every other time he has been sick, I've done everything to comfort him. I'm not saying my efforts were successful but I know I did my best and it's a beautiful thing that I can feel good about. Look mom, I'm a nurturer!
  • When Dylan likes something he's eating he'll start clapping his hands and sway back and forth in excitement after each bite. It's the yummy dance and I eat it up...because I taught it to him. It may a little much when I do it but I stand behind the yummy dance and it makes me proud to be his mom when he does it. ATTABOY!
  • And when it's a meal that I made that brings on the yummy dance, SOUND THE ALARM! I know I did a great job when the well received food is also healthy and made my moi. I WIN, I WIN!
  • Being Dylan's translator is a tough gig that I almost qualify for. I'm the front-runner in reiterating his speak and when I "get" him, I feel like popping my collar because I just saved myself a tantrum.
  • The fact I actually enjoy the colossal challenge that is being a parent and haven't second guessed the terrifying reality of being responsible for the well being of another human life, makes me really proud of this whole motherhood thing. It's never easy but I've taken to it pretty well. *Pats back*

Never again do I want to find myself wondering what I could possibly be proud of when HELLO! Every fabric of my being is weaved into raising this beautiful child that I'm so lucky to have. I'm grateful for the opportunity, humbled by the challenge, and exhausted a lot of the time. And seeing as I'm forever a mom, it's important to take in the victories and relish in the very happy moments that make the job fun [and the best job ever].

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