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May 2, 2014

Dad v. Mom (Picking Sides)

Is it just my kid, or do other children also favor a particular family member? 

For a solid year, Dylan treated me like an accessory parent. Despite having nursed him, birthed him, and spent months of maternity leave with him, I didn’t make a mama’s boy. FINE. I accepted Team Daddy and whimpered gracefully powered through the peaks of Dylan’s anti-mom behavior. Like each time Dylan would give me his back, clamp onto dad, and shriek in protest when being handed to me. I even came to terms with his lack of affection after receiving multiple swats to the face when attempting to get the same kisses dad got. WHATEVER. 

But YAY! DYLAN LOVES ME!  Okay sure, he always loved me. Or lol, like it matters. Now that Dylan plays part-time on Team Mom, I ain’t phased by the da-da craze. Multiple witnesses to Dylan’s past mommy fueled discrimination mentioned that the tides would one day change. But I didn’t believe them and rolled my eyes so far back that I saw my brain on several occasions. I mean, who knew they actually knew? 

I’ve been getting all kinds of sweet ogles, kisses, and high fives from Dylan lately. And for the first time ever, he actually HUGGED ME. (SQUEAL!) The same baby who swatted my face is now begging to kiss it. Swoon! 

I can attest that life on the shelf sucks. Being the boring toy that collects dust, also sucks. But let me tell ya, the neglect makes the attention a helluva lot sweeter. So to all the unfavorites, the castaways, the parents who change diapers with no fringe benefits, trust me when I say that you will eventually unlock the keys to your kin’s seemingly cold, cold heart. And once you do, the wait will have been totally freaking worth it.

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