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April 14, 2014

I'M the Baby!

There's really no excuse for it. I live in the adult world with adult interaction five days a week, from the moment I get into the car at 6:40 am until 3:20 pm when I pick up Dylan from daycare. And yet still, even after hours of communicating in complete sentences, conducting myself professionally, and being mindful of my space, I am becoming a baby. A big, fat, baby.

My big baby devolution would make a lot more sense if I were with Dylan 24/7, if I were a stay at home mom, or if I had little to no adult interaction. But oh contraire! Dylan’s infectious mannerisms defy time and space and can be caught regardless of buffers, barriers, or grown-ups, oh my! Any efforts made to resist rug-rat living are worthless, and here’s the proof:

I don’t want to eat pancakes unless they are shaped like silver dollars, which I now call “silver cakes” (because babies love having nicknames for nicknames).

Apparently, said silver cakes don’t require utensils. Fingers work just fine! My pincer grasp? On point.

Everything is a celebration. You’ll know when somethings good, exciting, or has simply just been announced because I’ll clap about it. Dinner time? YAY!!!

I want to play, too. My woe is me “I’m short” complex has been completely wiped out by my ability to sit and ride on Dylan’s toy car…all through the house.

The fact we have 13 bouncing balls of all types sitting around at home is not good enough a reason to come back from the grocery store without one. If I see a ball, I’m going to get it…

…and blame it on Dylan.

Tongue clicking, exaggerated sounds, and talking to oneself are just a few of the auto-pilot mannerisms you’ll catch me doing these days, especially when alone. 

And to think, my regression is quickly advancing without constant Dylan exposure. So going forward, just call me Tot-Mom. Not because I have a toddler, but because I have become one.

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