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April 28, 2014

Having Kids Changes Everything and Nothing at all (Happy Anniversary)

I took a break from work on Friday to celebrate 9 years of being married to this babe. We ditched the kid, took the spare time, and spent it together. I so badly wanted to post a cute photo of us all over social media but as I went through my gallery, it became apparent that we don’t have any recent pictures together- we only have pictures of Dylan. BOOOOOO. And I get it: Dylan is cute; he’s new; he’s fun; he’s all that and a bag of chips; but HELLO! There’s also a husband in the picture (only not). 

“Relationships change once you have babies,” they said. “Kids will change everything,” they say. And you know what? They’re right. Though no one knows just how adding kids to a family will mix things up, the fact is it does. Stress levels rise, responsibilities increase, messes multiply, schedules regularly fluctuate, and a whole new world puts you and your partner through a series of challenges that reveal a set of fight or flight skills you weren’t prepared for (or knew you had). We were together for 7 years before getting pregnant with Dylan and those years were very special. For 7 years we had schedules/habits/expectations that were comfortable and for 7 years my husband was ALL MINE. So fun! 

I feel exceptionally lucky to have the partner that I do. I don’t want to jinx anything but I have to hand it to my baby daddy: he’s the shit. He’s the kind of husband that will open jars, open doors, and drop anything to help me. He’ll clean the floors, take out the trash, and stop at the grocery store after work. He’s good to me and he’s even better to our son (SO NOT FAIR, jk). He’s the kind of dad that will walk backwards with a stroller so wind doesn’t hit Dylan’s face (lol). He makes him lunch, gets him dressed, bathes him, and dotes, dotes, dotes, all the way home. These things sound boring but they actually make life fun.

After 9 years together, reflecting down memory lane now requires a road trip and a detailed map. And after 9 years, I’m just as smitten and happy as always. Some things will never change.

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