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April 21, 2014

Forever Spring Breaking

Yes, kids are a lot of work. They also cost a lot of money. They very slowly (or suddenly) suck away every ounce of energy and sanity we have. And yet, after spending extra time with Dylan this past week- all I want is Spring Break FOREVER. 

I almost forgot how much fun it is to stay home and look after Dylan. He has a favorite book that he shoves in my face and asks me to read over and over and over again. I've memorized the book at this point but the climbing Dylan does to sit on my lap before we read is something I'll never get used to. It feels just as special every time. And his personality! Oh my. The kid is a legit toddler who loves running around, being chased, saying hi to everything (the park, his blanket, the mirror), kissing, acting silly, going down slides, and spending time with mommy. Yes, he loves spending time with mommy. I almost forgot how difficult it can be to leave him all day because I'm practically use to it. 

However, the fact I was dreading my return to work last night makes me feel somewhat elated. Elated that I had such a great time bonding with Dylan that I'm not ready to pull the plug on the fun. But life is calling so I better answer, even though I want to pick up the line and shout “SPRING BREAK FOREVER” right before hanging up. I’m going to miss my little big boy today…is it time to go home yet?

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