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April 24, 2014

Dirty Lowdown Doggies - Saved by Messy Marvin

Disclaimer: Before you begin reading, you should know that I picked out the dog bed from Messy Marvin and they gave it to me gratis. They actually took the risk of me hating the product and writing about it (because I would have). But instead, I fell in love! And I wouldn't make that up if you paid me.   

Before I was a mom to Dylan, I was a mom to dogs. My dainty little weiner dog Liebe, is 14! She was born on New Year’s Eve 1999 and originally named (not by me) “Y2K Katie.” Suge, my beagle, was unplanned. My mother-in-law had a friend whose beagle had puppies and we were “considering” (rolls eyes) adopting one of the females in the litter but then chunky boy Suge cuddled on my lap and I never looked back. He picked meeee! Little did I know that a cuddly, relaxed disposition would later mean lazy and sluggish. Both dogs are obsessed with two things: hanging with the fam and snoozing.

And as anyone with dogs will tell you, they are a lot of work. Mine in particular take great joy in acting a fool. I’m not kidding- the first walk we go on post-bath is spent trying to convince them NOT to rub themselves all over the grass. They have zero respect for cleanliness and shed profusely. It didn’t bother me pre-Dylan but now that there’s a 1 year old running around acting a fool alongside them, the mess is a constant struggle. But YAY! I have finally found a bit of relief and all it took was a dog bed. 

I can’t say how much money I’ve wasted on beds for my sheddy, furry children over the years because up until I got this Messy Marvin bed, none have survived past the 2 month mark. These rat-dogs don’t even deserve their new bed! It’s luxurious. It’s stylish. It’s HUGE. It is indestructible! The other day I brought a vacuum to it. I don’t even know if it’s even technically safe to do so, but I did. And guess what? It literally picked up dirt I didn’t see until the fabric became lighter in color. (Told ya, they’re disgusting!) It gets better…the fabric prevents stains and has lead-free PVC backing so there is NO WAY liquids can seep through. The only way this could get better is if they made baby products from the same materials. 

OH SNAP- THEY DO. Messy Marvin’s entire schtick is based on the fact that children are messy. It’s the sole reason mommy (and Messy Marvin’s founder) Rebekah Woodard came up products that could get messy without being dirty. In other words, she’s one of us. There are bibs, diaper bags, changing pads, sofa covers, even a mat to put on the ground during feedings or craft time. I can’t express enough how much easier this one product has made my life- it has literally eliminated so much mess with its durability and resistance to my dogs’ shedding. My only complaint? Dylan loves the bed too and insists on sitting, jumping, and lounging in it, with the dogs. Is it crazy to buy my son his own dog bed? Because I’m considering it. 

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