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April 17, 2014

1 Year Olds: They're Actually A LOT of Work

Dylan's school daycare does something very funny: they go on a week long Spring Break. Perhaps this is common amongst child cares but what a rip-off! Not only do I still have to pay for the week their "closed," but if I still want him to attend I'll have to pony up an extra something bucks an hour. So instead of paying top dollar, I took the time off for a little mommy/son bonding and WHOA! Watching Dylan is actually a lot of work. My husband and I are both home on weekends and I didn't realize how helpful that is when it comes to supervising/feeding/making sure Dizbaby doesn't take down the house. Single parents, stay at home parents, and actually just parents generally, my respect goes out to you. Maintaining your sanity in a world of "no's," furniture climbing, counter reaching, and general envelope pushing is a master skill. My brain is practically jelly at this point and we're only on day two. It's amateur hour all day long and my little terrorist shows no signs of slowing down.

But it's all good. Extra time means less rushing to make him quality meals and more time spent outdoors. And an added bonus? I can actually put my phone down and take photos with a real camera. So pardon my brief bloggy neglect- for the next few days, Dylan's running the show.

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