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March 17, 2014

Sun, Fun, and Dylan Says Hi

Chasing after Dylan is practically a sport. He loves being outdoors and especially loves running in the opposite direction from wherever I am. So when the sun was beaming 90 very hot degrees this weekend, we took advantage of it by spending Saturday and Sunday on long walks and trips to the park. It was amazing for Dylan because he gets to be pushed around in a stroller when he gets tired while the rest of us suck it up and keep moving…uphill…in the heat. 

But it’s all good! A little sunshine and exercise was countered with some ice cream and beer, which is the precise formula I use to curb any of my heat-prone complaints. 

Dylan was loving all the outdoor free play and made sure to wave at every single passerby, as well as the man he spotted sitting poolside from the top of the hill. I have met more people from Dylan’s hand waiving in the past month than I have met in the past two years. The kid is forcing me to be sociable with the neighbors I specifically avoid talking to and it’s hilarious. Dylan goes out of his way to get a stranger’s attention, lock eyes, smile, then hit them with the wave and a giggle. 

“He made a new friend today,” I told my husband on Friday. 
“Oh yeah? How old?” 
“I don’t know, in her 70’s or something.” 

Dylan will be friends with anyone with one exception: no babies allowed. If you look like a baby, if you talk like a baby, if there is any possibility that you might be a baby- you’re not getting anything out of him. He prefers to engage with adults and watch the children safely from a distance. Dizbaby wants praise, attention, and admiration! He doesn’t get that from babies- they aren’t impressed with his happy-go-lucky smiles and bibble-babble, they only follow him around to play as equals. And though I’m certain his anti-baby demeanor is an age-related trait that he’ll grow out of, I like to tell my husband it’s because he desperately wants a sibling. Right Dylan?

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