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March 11, 2014

Membership Denied - I'm Still Applying

I like to trap Dylan in his room by placing a baby gate in his doorway. It’s a great way of tricking him into thinking he has a lot more freedom than he actually does (door closed=the ultimate betrayal), while limiting the stress that comes with him exploring every square inch of the house. So each day I sit him on my lap while I put the gate in place, I let him play with shake it to ensure its snug, and then we excitedly enter his room where we play, laugh, and act silly. We are both completely satisfied and content with our in-room activities until the front door opens and closes- then it’s game over. Daddys home. 

The second Dylan hears that front door shut he shoots me a nasty glare that loosely translates to, “Dad’s home? OMG DAD, SAVE ME!” Then he races towards the gate attempting to climb over it with all of his might, as if he’s a prisoner with one shot at pulling off the perfect escape. He calls out for dad and waits for a sign, any noise or vision that will prove he has arrived. He’s desperate but I don’t understand why- I thought we were having so much fun! 

Dylan’s love for me is super evident- when Dad’s not around. Because when he is, I’m just that lady that keeps getting denied membership in the team daddy club. No kisses, no hugs, just what’s required- no extras. My role on center stage is instantly replaced by the mega celebrity that is Dad, and I’m left in the dust playing understudy. It’s all good when I want a little space, and I’m certainly not complaining that he holds his pops in such high esteem. But when dad tries to pass the kid off, my pipe dreams of having a mama’s boy are proven to indeed be pipe dreams, as he turns away and squirms, pleading for “anything but mommy.” And it doesn’t sting, it just blows my mind. Mommys fun too! Remember?

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