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February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day with the Anti-Cupid aka My Husband

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and if your significant other is anything like mine- it’s just a Friday that happens to be painted red. I don’t mean to throw my husband under the bus, I mean- he wasn’t always an anti-cupid. Our first few Valentines together were brimming with flowers, dinner, chocolate, and cards scribed with sweet words. But like a man’s favorite lazy-boy, he’s gotten comfortable enough to kick up his feet and shamelessly relax. 

Now days, my husband believes February 14th is sponsored by Hallmark and endorsed by fools in love who don’t know any better than to fall for the commercialism of unnecessary chocolate and overpriced roses. His vday resistance has increased over time, though he’s quick to point out that he’s always lacked sentiment for the holiday and only partook in the celebration out of his all-year round love for me. How romantic? 

So what’s a girl to do? Send a message. A couple years ago I decided to guilt him into the festivities by putting together and gifting him with a basket of knickknacks and candy. I fantasized over his shocked face once he was in receipt of my gesture, and the over-the-top treatment I would be spoiled with in light of his screw-up. Psh, yeah right. Instead of a guilt trip, he was a happy little clam that spent the night in a full-blown sugar coma watching TV in bed. That’s when I learned guilt by candy would never work against someone with a sweet tooth. 

I admit: I get it. Valentine’s is a big cheese ball love fest that results in people feeling pressured to have plans, expectations, flowers, and significant others. Hallmark makes bank, restaurants make reservations, and roses make up florists’ entire annual revenue in one day. Sure, its commercial- but what holiday isn’t? For me, Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to celebrate, bask in, and acknowledge whatever love one has in their life. And between my son, my husband, my family and friends, I’m surrounded by a great deal of love. So instead of inflicting guilt trips or buying into the idea that I should get some sort of recognition from my anti-cupid, I’m going to let him off the hook and just enjoy myself. Because hey, it’s Valentine’s Day.

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