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February 18, 2014

Teaching Dylan To Work Mommy

I have great news! Dylan, who’s independent attitude and cut-throat demeanor earned him a “mean baby” reputation, has finally come around to fancy me. My affections are being reciprocated and his cuddles are no longer reserved exclusively for dad. I’ve also exploited Dylan’s cracker addiction to teach him the valuable skill of working me. Thanks to our training, Dylan now offers me kisses in exchange for snacks and says “thank you” by resting his head on my shoulder (aka the precise moment I will say “yes” to anything). 

Dylan’s new-found affection is one of the few ways he’s able to express himself without words. Despite Dylan understanding a lot of commonly used vocab, he can’t say much and it’s bringing his frustration to an all-time high. I’m currently relying on hand gestures, finger pointing, and my translation skills to decode Dylan’s messages. Unfortunately, my so-called “skills” are comprised of educated guesses and the process of elimination; a sure fire way to ensure buckets of tears, misunderstandings, and tantrums. I can’t wait for the day Dylan is able to effectively use his voice even if all he says is “MOM, you’re embarrassing me!” 

On a lighter note, Dylan had his first park experience and was thrilled to rumble tumble in the sand. His initial, second, and third reaction was to pick up a handful, eat it, spit it out, and repeat. I figured 2 sand-eating attempts would be enough to deter him from further consumption, but never doubt the longevity of a 1 year olds’ learning process. Had I not intervened, this blog post would be about the day Dylan became a sandbag. The kid is fascinated by the stuff and I don’t blame him. His curiosity increases as he gets older and despite the icky factor, I love to encourage his explorations. Though I’m sure my facial expressions and goofy jingles set off the freak factor, I love channeling my inner toddler and acting a fool. It's where I shine! And until Dylan can tell me how humiliating it is for mom to imitate a monkey, I have no plans to shut down the freak show. 


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