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February 6, 2014

Swap with Me!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Swapdom, but all opinions expressed are entirely my own. 

http://www.swapdom.com/referral/418909377Before Dylan was even born, he had a larger wardrobe than me. Shirts and onesies, pants and pajamas, shoes, and the cutest darned coat (that he has never actually worn). The kid continues to accumulate stuff and the old stuff that he grows out of has been piled up in a trunk in his closet. Only now that the trunk is full, the ever growing piles are stacked up in his closet. That's precious real estate ya'll! Then came Swapdom.com.

http://woobox.com/eww328Swapdom.com is a site where you can swap items with other people by signing up and posting things you're willing to part with. THAT'S SO SMART! Actually, it's a no brainer and I wish I had thought of it before they did, because the concept of swapping toys, clothes, or whatever, for things you want is brilliant (and easy). I have already posted a few bundles of boy clothing that Dylan never stood a chance wearing (the kid grows like a weed) and I'm going to post some of his toys tonight.

Though people have been swapping their clothes for years on Swapdom.com, the "Kids" section just recently launched and they're celebrating by making moms swoon everywhere with a stroller giveaway. But not just any stroller! A stroller so nice that even my husband said he wanted it. Imagine that, a husband showing an unprovoked interest in a stroller. So sign up and swap with me already!

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