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February 3, 2014

Dylan's First Steps

Though I'm still under the weather with a cold that I just can’t shake, I'm super happy because Dylan took his first steps on Friday!!! Months and months ago, when my maternity leave was coming to a close and my return date to work was nearing, I prepared myself for a list of Dylan milestones that I was likely to miss. Walking was one of them. But I have to admit, I’m severely na├»ve. I imagined his first steps would be similar to that of a baby calf, going from unsteady to fluid within minutes of practice. Instead, he loses footing (and his sh**) every 4-12 steps. 

You see, Dylan does not like to flounder around. He is hung up on doing everything right the first time, which is a foolproof path to disappointment. I try to explain to him that he’s doing great, that practice will lead to mastery, and that if he is persistent and consistent, success will follow. But he doesn’t care. Dylan wants to walk without falling, period. So when his inexperience causes him to tumble down, he instantly throws a fit and repeatedly hits his head on the floor. Freaking out mommy with violent antics is Dylan’s specialty. But I could care less because my little perfectionist is on the move!

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