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January 10, 2014

The Best of Humanity: A Life Changing Box

The soul is a powerful thing. It is our core, our inner light, our total self, a reservoir of unwavering strength, and where our feelings are felt the deepest. And without even trying, sometimes something will pierce it and leave us forever imprinted. It happened to me this morning. 

There’s no shortage of videos on the internet and if you’ve shared one on facebook, I’ve probably sat through it. So when I was linked to a three minute clip called “The Drop Box,” pressing play was just business as usual. But this video was different; it made my heart sink into my soul and woke it with splashes of a cold, harsh reality. You deserve to see it too. And if you are touched, then go ahead and share it with someone else. In a world where darkness is ever-present, the work of South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak is inspiring, selfless and full of light. So take it in, bask in its warmth, and allow your own light to shine through whenever you can. 

"The Drop Box" - Documentary Trailer from Arbella Studios on Vimeo.

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