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January 31, 2014

Dizmommy is Sick

Happy Friday! My little guy has graciously passed his germs on to mommy, and I'm in major need of homemade chicken soup and organic carrot juice. I haven't been to work since Wednesday and Dylan has been home with me instead of going to "school." Taking care of a baby while under the weather is quite the challenge and the only silver lining of fighting a cold while keeping him happy is that he is trying really hard to walk. He stands up from a sitting position (a totally new thing!) and takes a single step before falling over. He's getting so close and I am anxiously cheering him on. It's a milestone I've been mentally preparing myself to miss since I'm at work during the day, so if I do end up witnessing his first few steps I will be elated! 

Dylan's first birthday is next week and the thought of him waking up a toddler on Wednesday morning brings tears to my eyes. I didn't expect to be so emotional over him turning one, but I am kind of a softy. I'm gushing with pride and baby fever (don't tell my husband), and I want these young moments to last forever. A year ago I was four days past my due date and the size of a beluga whale, en route to the doctor's office for a cervix exam (I DO NOT MISS THOSE AT ALL!). So here's to Friday, the future, and the unknown. Have a great weekend ya'll! 

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