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January 23, 2014

A Happy Ending: Saving Dylan

Dylan is almost a year old but he already thinks he doesn't need me. For the past few weeks I have been a little bit of a super freak when it came to finding a childcare for him. I thought my sensitive Aquarius baby would miss his routine and have a hard time adjusting, especially on his first day in a foreign environment....uhm, yeah freaking right. 

I couldn't wait to bail Dylan out of prison daycare! I imagined his face lighting up when he saw me, throwing his hands in the air, and reaching out for the mommy he almost forgot he had. So I rushed over to his "school" and walked through the doors expecting to hear shrieking cries of disgruntled babies. But there weren't any. The kids were having fun. A teacher spotted me and walked over with Dylan on her side. My big moment! (I thought.) His teacher began telling me how great Dylan was, how he did so well on his first day, that he cried a couple times but no major breakdowns, and he took to all the staff members. And as she spoke, Dylan clung onto her neck, hugging her, and casually glanced at me with no reaction other than, "why are you here? I'm not done yet."

"It's your mommy! Aren't you excited to see your mommy?" His teacher asked. Wait a minute, really kid? I birth you, I breastfeed you, I change your diapers, I give you cookies when dad's not looking, I constantly take the brunt for giving into your every request, and then I come to relieve you from a rough day in a strange place and you need to be reminded of who I am? Wow. Every childcare fear I had is out the window. Dylan did fine, he enjoyed himself, and I was the one doing the reaching. The entire car ride home was filled with him excitedly babbling in the backseat with wild hand gestures, spilling the beans on what a fun day he had. And though I'm super excited he had a positive experience, my big hero moment was anticlimactic. Dylan is a big boy, he's fine, he's the best, and he's ready for more.

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