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December 10, 2013

Mommies Behaving Badly

I desperately want to be one of those people whose energy doesn't spike off into the freak-out zone but I'm not that zen (yet). From a young age my zealous nature had me speaking out of turn, standing up to hot shots and reacting first apologizing later. I've gotten somewhat better at practicing the art of think before you freak but I'm a work in progress. The last thing I want is for sponge baby to absorb my tenacity so now more than ever I breathe deeply. But sometimes I still behave badly. 

The other day after work I strapped my 23lb baby Dylan onto my chest and took both of my dogs out for a walk like I always have to do. It’s a daily challenge and it can be annoying and complicated, but it’s my only option. So as I was bending down to pick up my dog’s crap mid-walk, a neighbor dog (who is never on a leash) charged at us almost knocking Dylan and I to the ground. Dylan began to cry. “Sit!” I commanded as I stood up and tried to gain back control. My neighbor was instantly annoyed and barked, “Excuse me?” “I wasn’t talking to you.” I said as I attempted to pull my dogs away by their leashes. “Oh, well then excuse ME.” “Yeah, well how about you do us all a favor and put your dog on a leash!” I snapped.

He then grabbed his dog by the collar, gave me the dirtiest look known to man and waddled away. And though I didn’t completely lose my shit (thank God he didn't respond!), it’s going to be extremely awkward the next time I have a run-in with that neighbor. Unless, of course, his dog is leashed.

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