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December 3, 2013

How Long Is a Baby a Baby?

I cant help but notice the lack of clothing options there are for boys while shopping for Dylan. Little girls have all the fun with a plethora of adorable dresses and holiday attire to choose from. Most recently I've been on the hunt for something baby Dylan can wear on Christmas and in a picture with Santa. Though I did find the perfect button-up onesie, it wasn't available in the size I needed it. Go figure. This dilemma prompted my husband to ask me why I insist on buying a onesie in the first place, and how long do I actually plan on dressing baby Dylan like a baby. Huh? What? Is there a onesie age/weight cap? 

Quite frankly I don't have an answer for how long I intend to draw out the whole baby look aside from "as long as I can." I mean, sure- my little big boy is fairly large and despite being shy of 10 months he looks more like a 2 year old. But he's still a baby, right? Being that this is my first rodeo and it's already gone by way too fast, perhaps I am holding on for dear life. At what age/weight does baby clothes look like too much? I don't want to have a six year old with a pacifier in its mouth but I don't want to rush my little guy into big boy clothes either. Is growing up really necessary? Because all I hear right now is Mariah Carey singing "Always Be My Baby." do do doop dum...

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