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December 11, 2013

A Parent’s List: 5 Words That Hit Home

STRUGGLES – I remembered the diapers but forgot the wipes. My hands are full, the kid is crying, and I can’t unlock the front door. Public tantrums, dogs without leashes and bleeding tongues. Some days suck and all you can do is power through the eye of the storm. Struggling won’t make you a bad parent; it will make you a resilient human being.

GUESSING – We’re all doing it. You can either float in the internet’s sea of contradicting opinions or you can look within yourself and do what feels right. Spankings, time-outs, diets, sleep overs, homeschooling and cell phones. The decisions never stop and no one is going to know how to raise your child better than you. Right? Wrong? We really are just winging it. Welcome to the club!

MAGIC – Kids will point the way and lead you to the land of magic, if you let them. It goes by quick so enjoy it, foster it and partake in all the wonderment, awe and enchantments of childhood as long as you can. One day our babies will be skeptical adults who will have to file taxes and cook dinner just like us.

LAUGHS – A gift resides in every moment and instead of freaking out that your son just peed on your fresh blouse five minutes before you had to leave for work, look at his mischievous face and take a deep breath. He is telling you a joke with his wee-wee, it’s not that funny but what else are you gonna do? Just laugh.

BALANCE – What a gimmick! Balance is like a leprechaun: a legend you can spend a lifetime chasing without ever seeing. It’s all about rhythm, baby! Find your rhythm and roll with it. So what if you don’t make it to the grocery store because you spent your 45 minutes of freedom on the internet? Life is a dance with an ever changing beat and there’s simply no rhythm in a balancing act.  

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