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December 5, 2013

A List of 7 Badass Bloggers

Sometimes I get lucky and stumble upon a fellow blogger that blows my mind, speaks to me, or simply makes me happy. In honor of these dreamboats I have decided to periodically share a list of bloggers that stand out. I hope you enjoy their sites as much as I do! If you have a favorite blog that you'd like to share with me, please do so in the comments and maybe they will be featured on my next list!

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom   This is a feel good family blog from a homeschooling mother to two young daughters. I have taken numerous tips from her like a "treasure chest" box for Dylan to play with and she's a sweetheart. Jen reminds me of a delicate flower, she just spreads joy and inspires me to be more kind. 

Camille - A Sorta Fairytale    Talk about mother of the year! When one of her two daughters recently had a health scare that resulted in a hospital stay and a shaved head, this mother remained positive, strong and supportive, even going as far as to shaving her own head to comfort her daughter. I adore Camille.

Danielle- Life of a Full Time Mom    Danielle is a new mom from New Zealand who has the cutest little munchkin that is exactly one month younger than my baby Dylan. I have been following her journey through motherhood since she began blogging and it is so fun to watch her daughter grow right before my eyes. She's also a great baker!
Vanessa - Here Comes the Human  Vanessa has two kids and has fun posts like "So What Wednesday" that cracks me up every week and "Friday Letters" that I wish I would've thought of! Her posts are genuine and her kids are insanely cute. It's not really fair..lol

Amy - SewsnBows     Amy, Amy, Amy! Her blog is filled with sewing projects and tutorials. I don't even sew but I love reading her blogs because she is funny and has a familiarity about her that makes you feel like old friends.

Karen - Karen's Soiree    This is my go-to blog for visual inspiration. Karen can put together a party for anyone with any theme and make it look amazing! She is one creative mommy that has a knack for finding and bringing together everything you need to celebrate holidays, birthdays, etc.

Alison - Wishing Writing   I don't know how I found Alison's blog but when I did, I immediately knew it was a favorite. She is a mother of two boys and writes in such a way that speaks to my soul. Alison is thoughtful, funny and bright. She's the type of person you wish you knew in real life. 

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