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December 4, 2013

A Helmet for Humpty Dumpty

Eons ago when Dylan was a fresh little newborn I noticed some odd baby behavior that shot red flags up in my new parent brain, like hitting his head with a closed fist, or holding his breath until he was red in the face. I've always believed that contrary traits are interconnected and you cant have love without hate, happiness without sadness, and light without shade, etc. The theme is yin-yang ya'll and lately it's been far too relevant in my world. Though Dylan generally has a happy go lucky disposition, he also has a dark side that's surfacing more and more, and it's freaking me the freak out. 

When I picked him up from my mom's house yesterday he became upset that I wouldn't let him pursue a dangerous exploration so he threw his body back in a fit of anger. Like true ninja fashion I swooped my arm under him and was able to save his head from humpty-dumpting on the hardwood floors. Recklessly throwing himself backwards with zero regard for what's behind him is his new thing when he's upset. But that's not all! Once he's down he likes to kick his legs in true textbook tantrum form. And if he doesn't feel like free falling, he'll resort to hitting himself upside the head. I don't know what to do. I cant save him from every fall nor can I prevent him from feeling disappointment or frustration, that's just life baby cakes. So what's a mom to do? Buy a helmet? 

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