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December 30, 2013

2013 List: Little Moments & Favorite Firsts

In 2013, I became someone’s mommy. I also started a blog. In celebration of both, I have rounded-up of some of my favorite “firsts” and small moments that have made my life feel big from the blog.

When Dylan and I made our first Instagram video. 

When my mom sent me this picture: 

Dylan’s name means “son of the sea,” which he lived up to on our first trip to the beach. 

My little show-off stood up for the first time in front of me…while I was recording!!! 

That time I spied on Dylan through his doorway only to catch him kissing himself. 

Dylan bumped by head and then tried to comfort me. He also met my grandparents.

His first Halloween costume!

Don't mind our first public breakdown, just ogle at our trip to the pumpkin patch!

Visiting Santa and getting this picture was special. 

That time my husband let me sleep in and dressed Dizbaby up as a bubble bee was also pretty awesome. 

But I think my favorite bloggy moment was assigning Dylan his very first job.

December 27, 2013

2013: A List of Lessons from a New Mom

As a new mom, 2013 kicked my butt. I've had (and still have) a lot to learn. Here is a short list of some of the parental lessons I received in 2013.

A SMILE LOOKS BETTER THAN SHAME - Embarrassment can be funny or humiliating. When Dylan has a wet fart in the produce section of a grocery store, I die a little inside. Then I laugh. 

"ADULT TIME" IS ESSENTIAL - Mannerisms are infectious and you don’t want to be the girl that starts clapping in the middle of a conversation like a freaking baby (aka me). It’s all fun and games until you baby talk to your boss (yeah, I did that too). 

JUNK FOOD IS IN FACT, JUNK - Who knew my 8 p.m. dinners from McDonalds and chili cheese fry burritos would be replaced with organic potatoes, hormone free meats, and nutritional outrage? My son’s healthy habits start with me…unfortunately. 

WE AREN'T GOING TO PARENT THE SAME - And that's okay. My husband and I even change diapers differently. So talk, walk, and play as you damn well please. A good team knows how to come together when it matters. 

TAKE ANY SCRAP OF SLEEP YOU CAN - Babies are exhausting little creatures that will wait for the exact moment you nod off to remind you of their existence. If they offer a break, you freaking take it! 

PREP FOR TOMORROW, TONIGHT - Mornings are rush-rush and if you’re not prepared (like me), you’ll show up to work wearing every color under the sun and hope the people don’t stare. 

COFFEE IS MY BEST FRIEND - Okay, I admit that I already knew this. But best friends deserve shout outs. 

POSE THEM WHILE YOU CAN - Soon, every photo you take will be an action shot. Good luck with that.

"HE NOT BUSY BEING BORN IS BUSY DYING"Time is constant and we lose out when we’re hung up on losing yesterday. It's not just the babies that are growing, we are too. Celebrate now and forever. 

SYMPATHY AND KINDNESS - I used to be a judgy bitch when kids screamed and tantrumed in public. Now I find myself praying that it won’t be my baby

I AM A BLUEPRINT - Dylan looks to me for guidance and often mimics my reactions. If I have any say in how he behaves, it’s going to be by setting the example

But of all the lessons I’ve learned in 2013, the biggest has been that choice equals probability. My life is directly impacted by my choices and can either ripple with grace, or splash recklessly with ado. And as a new mommy bear, the probabilities of my choices matter now more than ever. So in 2014, I choose to choose wisely.

December 24, 2013

From My Family To Yours, Merry Christmas!

I was supposed to go to work today but the holiday spirit struck my bosses and I received a text yesterday afternoon telling me that the office would be closed. Yay!!! I am loving this extra time I get to spend with baby Dylan and I've been using it to bake the hell out of my kitchen. It aint Christmas without some of my homemade coconut macaroons and chocolate chip cookies! I wish you all a very merry Christmas- enjoy your families, the love, the food, and the magic that is togetherness. And to my in-laws: we miss you!  

December 19, 2013

The Voice of Reason is SO Annoying

For me, the voice of reason happens to sound a lot like my dad. Maybe this is because he and I are a lot alike, or because he’s my hero, or perhaps because he’s always right (don’t tell him I said that). Regardless, my dad’s words stick in my head even when he isn’t really trying. 

Recently I was explaining an encounter I had with a super rude individual when my dad interrupted mid-story with, “Don’t take the bait Beck,” I pressed on with the story but he interrupted again, “Tell me you didn’t take the bait!” DAD, I FREAKING TOOK THE BAIT! Now let me finish my story! But he was right- I knew better. 

A day later I found myself ruffled by Dylan’s incessant fuss. I was about to bark at him when suddenly the “don’t take the bait” flag began waving in my face. Dylan’s ongoing spike in tantrums and bad attitude may be begging for a reaction, but barking just doesn’t make any sense. Fires aren’t put out by adding more fuel, so if I want to teach Dylan to be less reactive, the message is best received by being less reactive myself.  

But in order for my calm campaign to work I need to demonstrate composure in all aspects of my life. So when I’m cut off by that crappy driver, or my nosy neighbor comes around with her unsolicited advice, I will not be baited into a Dylan-esque reaction. Instead, I will gracefully display a tranquil demeanor and act with intention rather than commotion. Clearly I cannot drown out the piercing (and annoying) voice of reason, otherwise known as Dad. 

December 18, 2013

Daycare Induced Headache

I’ve had it pretty good. Upon returning to work seven months ago post-maternity leave, my mom saved me from a daycare induced headache by taking on the responsibility of watching my precious boy all four days I’m in the office. But as Dylan nears the 1 year mark, it’s time to look into other options so that my mom can have a little more freedom and Dylan can have a little bit more of a social life. In short: I’m terrified. 

The thought of entrusting my son with a stranger leaves me unhinged. Childcare is a foreign concept to me, as my four sisters and I were raised by an extremely protective stay at home mom. It is quite daunting that my impressions of daycare are solely based off of news reports, common knowledge, and the stories of others. And let me tell you, there is nothing like unfamiliarity to spur fear of the unknown. 

So what’s a mom to do? Get a nanny cam. Kidding! Kind of…I’ll admit that I have looked into wearable cameras and stumbled upon some amazing concoctions (smoke detector, alarm clock, power outlet, wrist watch), but equipping Dylan with a camera is not the solution to my insecurities. It’s actually just leaning toward hyper-vigilant anxiety issues and enabling my paranoia. If I have to equip Dylan with a camera to feel better about his daycare then I need some serious help (and a new daycare). 

I have been extremely lucky to have my mom watch Dylan during his first year of life and I am forever grateful. But in between finding quality care for my baby, warming up to the inevitable change, and fighting the urge to purchase a spy cam necklace, I have my work cut out for me.

December 16, 2013

Santa's Workshop at the Farm

Dylan isn't so sick anymore but he passed his baby germs onto me and now I'm dealing with them. Thanks kid. Luckily he's already made up for it by making our trip to Santa a non-crying one. The Santa we saw was the real deal and even though he was located some ways away from where we live, he's the one I'll be going back to year after year. Thank you Tom's Farms!!!

December 12, 2013

Mean Mommy: Get Well Soon?

I knew something was brewing when I picked baby Dylan up from my mom's house after work yesterday. He looked like a rosy cheeked cherub angel with a runny nose. He was getting sick. Luckily I stashed a supply of breast-milk away in the freezer before I quit nursing months back for this exact reason. I broke into my milk bank and gave him some yum-yum in hopes it would boost his immune system before the germs took over. Carrots, cuddles, suctioning, and a couple hours later he was put down for the night. I turned up the volume on his monitor and went to bed too, until 1:15 in the morning when my little big boy woke up to play. Yeah, play. 

There was laughing and grunting, jumping and then silence. Thank God the secret night life of Dylan didn’t involve screaming. When I walked into his room this morning I found him lounging on his back in the corner of the crib like a tiny man testing out a lazy boy. And though I realize he isn’t feeling great, that his body is burning up, and he’s physically exhausted, I can’t help but think he is such a cute little sicky. My little daddy’s boy finally needs (and more importantly wants) mommy! And before a pack of wild super mom's attack me for implying that I enjoy my son in his sickly state, just look at that face! 

December 11, 2013

A Parent’s List: 5 Words That Hit Home

STRUGGLES – I remembered the diapers but forgot the wipes. My hands are full, the kid is crying, and I can’t unlock the front door. Public tantrums, dogs without leashes and bleeding tongues. Some days suck and all you can do is power through the eye of the storm. Struggling won’t make you a bad parent; it will make you a resilient human being.

GUESSING – We’re all doing it. You can either float in the internet’s sea of contradicting opinions or you can look within yourself and do what feels right. Spankings, time-outs, diets, sleep overs, homeschooling and cell phones. The decisions never stop and no one is going to know how to raise your child better than you. Right? Wrong? We really are just winging it. Welcome to the club!

MAGIC – Kids will point the way and lead you to the land of magic, if you let them. It goes by quick so enjoy it, foster it and partake in all the wonderment, awe and enchantments of childhood as long as you can. One day our babies will be skeptical adults who will have to file taxes and cook dinner just like us.

LAUGHS – A gift resides in every moment and instead of freaking out that your son just peed on your fresh blouse five minutes before you had to leave for work, look at his mischievous face and take a deep breath. He is telling you a joke with his wee-wee, it’s not that funny but what else are you gonna do? Just laugh.

BALANCE – What a gimmick! Balance is like a leprechaun: a legend you can spend a lifetime chasing without ever seeing. It’s all about rhythm, baby! Find your rhythm and roll with it. So what if you don’t make it to the grocery store because you spent your 45 minutes of freedom on the internet? Life is a dance with an ever changing beat and there’s simply no rhythm in a balancing act.  

December 10, 2013

Mommies Behaving Badly

I desperately want to be one of those people whose energy doesn't spike off into the freak-out zone but I'm not that zen (yet). From a young age my zealous nature had me speaking out of turn, standing up to hot shots and reacting first apologizing later. I've gotten somewhat better at practicing the art of think before you freak but I'm a work in progress. The last thing I want is for sponge baby to absorb my tenacity so now more than ever I breathe deeply. But sometimes I still behave badly. 

The other day after work I strapped my 23lb baby Dylan onto my chest and took both of my dogs out for a walk like I always have to do. It’s a daily challenge and it can be annoying and complicated, but it’s my only option. So as I was bending down to pick up my dog’s crap mid-walk, a neighbor dog (who is never on a leash) charged at us almost knocking Dylan and I to the ground. Dylan began to cry. “Sit!” I commanded as I stood up and tried to gain back control. My neighbor was instantly annoyed and barked, “Excuse me?” “I wasn’t talking to you.” I said as I attempted to pull my dogs away by their leashes. “Oh, well then excuse ME.” “Yeah, well how about you do us all a favor and put your dog on a leash!” I snapped.

He then grabbed his dog by the collar, gave me the dirtiest look known to man and waddled away. And though I didn’t completely lose my shit (thank God he didn't respond!), it’s going to be extremely awkward the next time I have a run-in with that neighbor. Unless, of course, his dog is leashed.

December 5, 2013

A List of 7 Badass Bloggers

Sometimes I get lucky and stumble upon a fellow blogger that blows my mind, speaks to me, or simply makes me happy. In honor of these dreamboats I have decided to periodically share a list of bloggers that stand out. I hope you enjoy their sites as much as I do! If you have a favorite blog that you'd like to share with me, please do so in the comments and maybe they will be featured on my next list!

Jennifer - The Deliberate Mom   This is a feel good family blog from a homeschooling mother to two young daughters. I have taken numerous tips from her like a "treasure chest" box for Dylan to play with and she's a sweetheart. Jen reminds me of a delicate flower, she just spreads joy and inspires me to be more kind. 

Camille - A Sorta Fairytale    Talk about mother of the year! When one of her two daughters recently had a health scare that resulted in a hospital stay and a shaved head, this mother remained positive, strong and supportive, even going as far as to shaving her own head to comfort her daughter. I adore Camille.

Danielle- Life of a Full Time Mom    Danielle is a new mom from New Zealand who has the cutest little munchkin that is exactly one month younger than my baby Dylan. I have been following her journey through motherhood since she began blogging and it is so fun to watch her daughter grow right before my eyes. She's also a great baker!
Vanessa - Here Comes the Human  Vanessa has two kids and has fun posts like "So What Wednesday" that cracks me up every week and "Friday Letters" that I wish I would've thought of! Her posts are genuine and her kids are insanely cute. It's not really fair..lol

Amy - SewsnBows     Amy, Amy, Amy! Her blog is filled with sewing projects and tutorials. I don't even sew but I love reading her blogs because she is funny and has a familiarity about her that makes you feel like old friends.

Karen - Karen's Soiree    This is my go-to blog for visual inspiration. Karen can put together a party for anyone with any theme and make it look amazing! She is one creative mommy that has a knack for finding and bringing together everything you need to celebrate holidays, birthdays, etc.

Alison - Wishing Writing   I don't know how I found Alison's blog but when I did, I immediately knew it was a favorite. She is a mother of two boys and writes in such a way that speaks to my soul. Alison is thoughtful, funny and bright. She's the type of person you wish you knew in real life. 

December 4, 2013

A Helmet for Humpty Dumpty

Eons ago when Dylan was a fresh little newborn I noticed some odd baby behavior that shot red flags up in my new parent brain, like hitting his head with a closed fist, or holding his breath until he was red in the face. I've always believed that contrary traits are interconnected and you cant have love without hate, happiness without sadness, and light without shade, etc. The theme is yin-yang ya'll and lately it's been far too relevant in my world. Though Dylan generally has a happy go lucky disposition, he also has a dark side that's surfacing more and more, and it's freaking me the freak out. 

When I picked him up from my mom's house yesterday he became upset that I wouldn't let him pursue a dangerous exploration so he threw his body back in a fit of anger. Like true ninja fashion I swooped my arm under him and was able to save his head from humpty-dumpting on the hardwood floors. Recklessly throwing himself backwards with zero regard for what's behind him is his new thing when he's upset. But that's not all! Once he's down he likes to kick his legs in true textbook tantrum form. And if he doesn't feel like free falling, he'll resort to hitting himself upside the head. I don't know what to do. I cant save him from every fall nor can I prevent him from feeling disappointment or frustration, that's just life baby cakes. So what's a mom to do? Buy a helmet? 

December 3, 2013

How Long Is a Baby a Baby?

I cant help but notice the lack of clothing options there are for boys while shopping for Dylan. Little girls have all the fun with a plethora of adorable dresses and holiday attire to choose from. Most recently I've been on the hunt for something baby Dylan can wear on Christmas and in a picture with Santa. Though I did find the perfect button-up onesie, it wasn't available in the size I needed it. Go figure. This dilemma prompted my husband to ask me why I insist on buying a onesie in the first place, and how long do I actually plan on dressing baby Dylan like a baby. Huh? What? Is there a onesie age/weight cap? 

Quite frankly I don't have an answer for how long I intend to draw out the whole baby look aside from "as long as I can." I mean, sure- my little big boy is fairly large and despite being shy of 10 months he looks more like a 2 year old. But he's still a baby, right? Being that this is my first rodeo and it's already gone by way too fast, perhaps I am holding on for dear life. At what age/weight does baby clothes look like too much? I don't want to have a six year old with a pacifier in its mouth but I don't want to rush my little guy into big boy clothes either. Is growing up really necessary? Because all I hear right now is Mariah Carey singing "Always Be My Baby." do do doop dum...

December 2, 2013

A Holiday Weekend Photo Dump

I love long weekends and I'm sure baby Dylan appreciates them too. I get a chance to reenergize and he gets to have both parents all to himself. Life as a working mom will pick back up again tomorrow and I'm actually ready to return and knock out the rest of this year. It's hard to believe that 2013 is dwindling down with a mere three weeks left but I'm ready for that too. I am suffering from weekend brain so without further adieu, here is a photo dump.

My beautiful twin sister

My beautiful older sister and her husband

I want to relive this plate

Our turkey

My gorgeous and smart niece

Grandma and Dizbaby

Daddy and Diz

Grandparents lunch 

Pointing at my obviously amazing nephew

My little family