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November 6, 2013

Slap Happy

Don't kids do the darnedest things? Now that Dylan is officially 9 months old he is celebrating by using the palm of his hand to slap himself upside the head. Though I appreciate his enthusiasm, it is a bit hard to watch. "Don't be mean to my baby!" I tell him, but he doesn't care. He is determined to play knock-knock with his noggin. Dizbaby wants to play with your head too. Yesterday when I leaned in to give him a kissy he put both his hands around my face and began slapping my cheeks repeatedly. Sorry bucko but mommy doesn't play that. Okay- yes I do....because as soon as he was done clapping my face he pulled me in for a kiss and I melted. But in the future, do not slap my face kid. 

Have you ever seen a small child hit their parents in a restaurant and  then laugh about it? That's my fear. I'm constantly considering  what impact "the now" will have on the future and my hyper-paranoia and overactive imagination envisions a giant, strong toddler wheeling blows to my head then giggling as I fall to the ground all because I didn't teach him not to hit. A kid hitting their parent just because it's funny is wildly inappropriate and embarrassing even if all parties think it's a big ole joke. So you can only imagine what was going through my head yesterday when Dylan bit my butt. Oy vey.

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