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November 19, 2013

Traumatic Monday

I was sitting on the floor a couple feet away from Dylan as he pulled himself up on his trunk like he's done dozens of times before, when 286 days of accident free living suddenly ended. Dylan lost his footing and smashed his face on the edge of the trunk as he fell to the ground. By the sound of the impact I knew it was a bad fall so I immediately swooped him up and brought him close to my chest as he screamed and cried in agony. I looked at his face to assess the damage and all I saw was blood, bloody blood everywhere, pouring out of his mouth. I raced to the kitchen to get something to stop the bleeding and then checked whether his two teeth were knocked out. They weren't (thank God), but his tongue was cut. 

In a state of bloody red panic I frantically called my husband but have no idea what I said. Dylan stopped crying within a minute and after soaking my sweatshirt, his onesie and a small towel, the bleeding stopped too. His cut didn't warrant a trip to the emergency room so I sat in shock with Dylan in my lap facing me, both burnt out on adrenaline and trauma. We looked at each other and  hugged, silently agreeing that the experience was too close for comfort.

I did what any other parent would do and spent the rest of the day giving him extra loving and attention. I feel absolutely terrible that Dylan hurt himself on my watch but I'm also relieved that I was there to jump into action. He seems to be fine but I'm still a bit shaken up.....I'm sorry Dizbaby! What a Monday.

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