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November 12, 2013

Fat Baby Dream Crusher

When strangers approach me to dote on the cuteness that is Dizbaby, "how old is he?" tends to be one of the first things they ask. Their eyes widen when I tell them his age and then we both laugh at what a big boy I have. Yes, I know- he is humungo-jumbo. Though my son looks large enough to compete in a decathlon, he isn't even old enough to walk. So for weeks I have been looking forward to his 9 month check-up with his doctor where I imagined Dylan would break the scale during his weigh-in, vanquish all growth percentiles, and be hailed King by size, a reputation and title he would hold for life. 

Instead, he weighed a measly 22lbs and is only heavier than 83% of other babies his age. Sure he's still "big", but I figure if my back must suffer from lugging him around everywhere, he might as well go all the way with it and break that freaking scale. And though my dreams of having the biggest baby in the world have been crushed, I am still a proud momma. Dylan's healthy, he's happy, and most of all he is mine mine mine!

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