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November 14, 2013

Dylan Can Wave! And Detect Bullshit.

I always feel a sense of accomplishment when Dylan learns how to do something that he's been taught so please allow me to proudly inform all readers that I officially have a waver! My little big boy not only claps when I say "yay!" but he will wave when greeted. In the big scheme of things it is a small accomplishment but to momma bear it is worthy of headlining the Zepeda family newsletter. I'm all about teaching Dizbaby new "tricks" and I regularly scout the internet for all types of ways I can encourage his development. My pursuit in topping the hand wave led me to a study from 2011 involving babies and swindling. The conclusion is that babies remember when you're a bullshitter and will avoid imitating your behavior. WHOA!

Basically the study took 60 babies between 13-16 months of age and divided them into two groups, "reliable" and "unreliable." In the reliable group, an adult acted very enthusiastically about opening a box and then gave the box to the baby only for them to find it contained a toy. The unreliable group again had an enthusiastic adult opening a box then gave it to baby whom discovered that there was absolutely nothing to be enthusiastic about because the box was empty. The babies in their respective groups then watched the reliable adult use their head (opposed to their hands) to activate a push-on light and 61% of the babies imitated the adult's behavior. But when the unreliable group watched the unreliable adult do the same thing, only 34% of the babies gave the push-on switch a shot.

In conclusion, your reliability will be held against you. So if we want our babies, kids, or anyone to take us seriously and learn from us, we better lead by example...which really comes as no surprise.  

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