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November 20, 2013

Bubble Wrap Fixes Everything

Houston, we have a problem and it's called "independence." Apparently baby Dylan thinks he should be able to go anywhere, grab anything, taste whatever, and sit in a dirty diaper for as long as he sees fit. Well too bad bucko!  Call it naivety, but I actually thought for the first few years of life that Dylan would follow my rules and instructions regardless of his own ambitions because I am the parent and therefore I'm the one in charge here. WHAT A JOKE! My little big boy is convinced that he doesn't need anyone standing in the way of the swivel chair he's dying to climb, or the magazine he wants to tear apart and chew. The balance between letting my precious angel explore his surroundings and protecting him from every corner, penny and tumble ain't easy. It's actually a lot of...wait for it...WORK. 

Have you tried reasoning with a baby before? They are real sticklers. Nearly all of the solutions I come up with to eliminate the dangers of Dylan's quest for independence involve bubble wrapping him or the house. Unfortunately, bubbles won't do anything about his bad attitude toward diaper changes or putting on clothes. I suppose I'll do what all other parents have done throughout the history of time and get creative, stern and all parenty about building good habits that will help him expect less than complete freedom. Also known as: a short leash.

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