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November 13, 2013

Boys And Their Cars

It's frustrating to be frustrated, ask anyone. But sometimes a little irritation is exactly what we need to get things rolling. Back in the day Dylan’s sworn enemy was tummy time. He would wiggle and squirm, using all of his might to flip onto his back. The more frustrated he became the more progress he would make. I wanted so badly to turn over for him that I would lie on the ground and repeatedly roll over like a dog in an effort to show him how it's done. My tactics didn't work but his perseverance did and now days he's a roll master who has shifted his frustration to a new challenge: the toy car. 

Though he always forgets it, he hates that dang toy. At first he is enticed with its smooth mobility when I show him how it rolls on its wheels, but once he has the car to himself he remembers how evil it is. He hasn’t figured out how to make the car roll on his own, nor can he get a good grip on it. The poor kid will spend ten minutes crawling after the toy, inadvertently pushing it further away with his fingertips each time he reaches out. And when he finally does get the car in his hands, he’s sick of crawling and pissed off that it doesn’t roll steadily and tosses it aside only to begin the chase all over again. The whole cycle is frustrating but sorry son, if you wanna roll like a boss you gotta work through it. I mean- at least he’s perfected the high-speed floor crawl...right?  

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