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October 4, 2013

The Closet Is Not A Toy

Happy freaking Friday! It has been one helluva week. My husband has been sick with a nasty cold that forced him to stay in bed for the past two days. He isn't 100% better  yet but he insisted on going to work this morning. So far I've been successful in avoiding the germs and Dylan has continued to go to my mom's house and hasn't shown any signs of getting sick either. I'm hoping that the only thing we catch is a break.

Tomorrow is Dylan's 8 month mark and he is increasingly clever. During our last play session he began sliding open and closed the glass mirrored closet doors in his room. As usual Dylan is very pleased with his new discovery and I am very nervous. Dizbaby thinks the mechanics of moving giant mirrors is fun and mesmerizing whereas I think it's an injury waiting to happen. I had to get stern with him but disciplining a baby is tricky. I don't want to shame him or make him feel bad but I don't want to send the message that the closet is something we play with. I'm relying on "no," a serious glare and distraction tactics for now but I have a feeling this closet battle is far from over.

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