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October 15, 2013

Starving for Love: A Black-Eye Is Worth It

Dylan with his great grandparents, my Oma & Opa
I’ve discussed my son’s anti-affectionate nature many times before. Though Dizbaby is almost always smiling and spreading joy, he is not one to cuddle, give kisses or by any means hug you. So those rare times when I’m holding him and he rests his head on my shoulder I instantly swoon and look toward anyone nearby and give them the “oh my god, do I have a witness” face. But as Dylan gets older those flashes of endearment are becoming more frequent and I am elated.

Yesterday was like all other Mondays, a mommy-son play day. During our weekly bonding fun fest Dylan got a little wild and lunged forward bumping our heads together. He hit my right eye socket pretty hard and after making sure he was okay I took a minute to work through the discomfort. I held my eye and put my head down for a second only for Dylan to crawl up and pet me. I looked at him certain he was trying to rip my hair out like he’s been known to do lately but instead he seemed concerned and put his hand out for me to grab. SWOON!!! Immediately I was cured.

The irony of Dylan reaching out for me when I’m already wrapped around his finger is priceless because he really hasn’t a clue. One day he will use affection as a tool to get what he wants from me. But for now his love comes cheap as long as I’m willing to endure a couple bumps to the head, which are totally worth it.

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