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October 22, 2013

Newest Member of the Clappy Club

Yes, I will tell you all about Dylan without needing to be asked and yes, I will show you unprompted photos. I have fully accepted that I am a shameless baby bragger and if you are able to withstand my incessant parent ramble then I can only assume we suffer from the same condition. It’s as if the smallest milestone is worthy of the highest recognition and everyone should know what our little ones are up to. So imagine my excitement when Dylan, after countless recitals of “yay!”, finally learned how to clap. YAY!!!!

For months Dylan’s clap entailed bumping his fists together like some sort of overly enthused caveman but alas, he has figured out that slapping both hands will result in a spectacular sound of cheer. Now that Dizbaby has joined the clappy club he uses his new trick when a bottle is made, when his toys do something that he likes or whenever else. It’s a clappy-clap world ya’ll! No limits!

And sure, clapping isn’t walking or speaking in sentences and it certainly isn’t going potty like a big kid, but until you receive a round of applause each and every time you enter a room, you haven’t really lived.

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