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October 7, 2013

Monday Ain't So Bad!

There's always something to celebrate in my family. For instance today is my younger sister Christina's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL!), but on Saturday it was all about Dylan's grandpa's birthday. Dizbaby is constantly showered in affection and babied by my husband's family so on Saturday he was treated like a big star. He was fed, held, doted over, played with and kissed by everyone. It was really nice being able to eat dinner without having to worry about Dylan screaming over wanting my food or attention because he was distracted with all the love his Tia Norma was giving him. I cant remember the last time I had such a stress-free meal. 

Yesterday morning my husband let me sleep in and I felt so reenergized when I woke up that we used the momentum to go run much needed errands. We not only managed to go to Costco, the grocery store, and Target, but we took the dogs for a walk, did laundry and cut Dylan's hair. Yes, we CUT DYLAN'S HAIR! I am happy to report that Dizbaby no longer has a rat tail growing on the back of his head, nor does he have long wispy strands randomly sticking out everywhere. His locks of baby perfection are safely tucked away as a keepsake for who knows what. 

And because we were so good about knocking out the weekend's to-do list, I can do nothing but play  with and enjoy Dylan all day....starting NOW! 

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