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October 30, 2013

Future Best Friends (?)

Sometimes when I’m playing with Dylan I get a flash of the future and I’m not so sure how I feel about it. Yesterday during playtime I was on the floor giving kisses to a stuffed wiener dog when Dizbaby lunged at me and ripped it out of my hands. WHOA DUDE! I thought (hoped) he was jealous that I was kissing on something other than him, but when he snatched away a toy guitar too, it was obvious that he just doesn’t care to share. I put my best parenting hat on and began pushing the guitar buttons, “I want to play too! Let’s share!” I said. Dylan looked at me like I was crazy and crawled away with the guitar in tow.

And I get it- Dizbaby wants to play with whatever I’m playing with. Everything piques his interest these days and he takes note when I’m giving something special attention. But he doesn’t just want to play with what I’m playing with, he wants to take it away and forbid me from touching it again. What a rude baby! I have zero tolerance for selfish children and though I don’t want to be a mean mommy, I won’t accommodate a toy hog. So of course I crawled to Dylan and his guitar and began playing with the buttons until a song started playing. I clapped my hands to the music and wiggled around in excitement until the song finished. Dizbaby looked on half-amused before losing all interest and ditched me and the toy for the other side of the room. He may not know it yet but we’re going to be best of friends...right?  

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