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October 29, 2013


One of my favorite things is witnessing Dylan work through a challenge only to come out as a master of a new trick. The downside is that his new tricks afford him more freedoms that require more attention from yours truly. For instance, he is officially using his walker the way it's designed to work. After months of exclusively moving backwards he now has complete control and can cut corners and wheel around in any direction like it's nobody's business. He chases after the dogs, he rolls into the kitchen, he even runs over me like it's funny to plow through mommy. So while I am excited that he's a real deal walker in a walker, my bruised ankles and clean house are not so thrilled. 

If you want to track Dylan's route all you have to do is look for the trail of crap he's thrown on the floor. Because if it's within reach it will be picked up, tasted and discarded in a matter of minutes. That's my boy! His wheeling mastery requires me to be hyper-attentive to anything that poses a danger to a mobile 8 month old, otherwise known as EVERYTHING. This morning he was grabbing magazines, yesterday he was going for cords and tonight will be another story. And although one of my favorite things is witnessing Dylan develop into an independent youngin', I'm pretty sure I'll have gray hair by the end of the year.

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