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October 8, 2013

Cage the Baby!

Since boycotting the baby food I had been buying for Dylan in light of its sugar content, I've had little success in getting him to eat the meals I prepare. Thus far Dylan only likes half of the things I've made. Green beans and nectarines will get me the cold shoulder whereas avocados and bananas are an easy sell. It's much more convenient to buy a pouch of baby food for him at the store but I already sampled the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge and there's no going back.

Though my biggest challenge with Dylan isn't mealtime, it's keeping tabs on his speed crawling and overly ambitious nature. Dizbaby wants to be a big boy explorer that grabs, pulls, swings, pushes and tastes everything. If it's in plain sight, it will be attacked. If it's on the ground, it will be picked up. This means I am the lowest paid security guard in the world. The days of being humored by scoots around the floor are over and have become a game of interception littered by "no's." He's a baby so he hasn't figured out that swinging and slamming his bedroom door can result in jamming his fingers, or that he could fall on the tile when he lunges out of my arms to grab the freezer handle. Yesterday I let him play with my phone and within minutes he recorded and uploaded a video to my instagram account. Clearly the extent of potential damage Dizbaby can cause is infinite (though sometimes funny). 

All I can do at this point is observe and engage while trying to veer him into making safer choices. Though I want him to explore his little world to his big heart's content, I would also like to entrap him in a cage bubble. 

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