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September 24, 2013

Weekend Overload

My last post about the weekend being jam packed proved to be an understatement. The weekend was CRAZY busy! We woke up on Saturday knowing that once we left the house for Lily's baptism we wouldn't be back until much later that night so we prepared as best we could with lots of food, diapers, clothes and toys for Dylan then crossed our fingers and hoped that he would be a good boy throughout the hustle and bustle. 
The baptism was short and sweet. Lily looked like a little doll and behaved like an angel.  I expected a big scream from her when the priest poured holy water on her head but she took it like a champion and didn't let the chill get in the way of her special day. From there we went to her birthday party which turned out to really be a cute baby convention. There were so many kids and little babies there that my head was throbbing with baby fever. Dylan was on his best behavior and let anyone that wanted to hold him get a little time in. He also took a much needed power nap before we headed to Oktoberfest for my older sister's birthday celebration.

By the time the evening rolled along our luck with Dylan’s good behavior had ran out. Oktoberfest was fun and we were able to stay a couple of hours but Dizbaby was exhausted and desperately wanted to go home and quite honestly, so did I.

The next day we woke up at 5:30 a.m. for the 5k race for the cure breast cancer walk and Dylan was not a happy camper. All the activities from the previous day had made him one angry baby. Somehow we made it through the walk but it wasn't easy and we didn't make it any easier by taking him to breakfast afterwards to meet up with my sister and father-in-law. 

Once we got home it was game over. Dylan was upset and decided to punish us for all the bouncing around. I can't blame him because the jet setting life is no life for a baby. Dylan loves being home in his element where he has room to crawl around and explore without needing to be held and restricted. I learned my lesson and will not overextend myself anytime soon. Dylan's fuss was entirely avoidable if only we had listened to him. It was the first time I ever thought, “I can’t wait for this weekend to be over.” And now that it is, I can’t wait to make it up to him with slow-paced quality time next weekend.

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