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September 16, 2013

Teething Bites

Dylan must have heard me singing him praises lately because on Friday night his behavior began to shift into annoying mode. My solid sleeper took me back to his his newborn days and woke up three times throughout the night. His screams were so random that I thought he must have seen a ghost in his room. Come Saturday morning my husband suggested what should have been obvious to me, he's teething! I admit I am pretty embarrassed that my goto reasoning for his disruptive sleep pattern was "oh he's seeing spirits" but hey, that's what I came up with at  3 a.m.

Saturday was historically difficult with Dylan. Seeing as he was teething and had terrible sleep the night before, he was ridiculously sensitive to everything. We tried to keep him as happy as possible but even the sounds of his toys were bringing him to tears. After a full day of sad, fussy, hating life baby, we agreed that Tylenol before bed would be the best solution. No one wants to see their baby bothered and in pain and I had already reached my stress threshold. Once I fed Dylan and put him down for the night, I looked my husband and told him I was tapping out. Thankfully Dylan woke up on Sunday acting more like himself and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the weekend because quite honestly, teething bites. 

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