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September 13, 2013

Please Press Pause

Now that I am an official member of club mommy I get all the benefits that come along with it including my role as a body guard, recipient of 3am cuddles, diaper changer, baby feeder and limited personal time. Therefore I am super ecstatic for this weekend because tomorrow morning I have a long, overdue hair appointment. My tresses get a lot less attention but I can't complain because it makes the whole shabang of a hair appointment a lot more exciting than it would be without the club mommy membership. Before there was Dylan I took my abundance of free/me time for granted but not anymore! I am ever so grateful that my husband can take care of our little big boy while I go do my thing, though I already know as soon as I sit down in the salon I will be wondering what fun they're up to (another club mommy benefit). Clearly the obsession I have with my son is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Last night my little big boy was crawling all over the place when I asked him where his book was, "go get it!" I said. Challenge accepted. Dylan looked around and spotted the book a few feet away and scuffled in its direction before picking up the book with a proud little face. "YAY!!!!! You found your book!!" I am so proud and excited that he is not only picking up books but picking up language. It seems as if every day he is surprising me with some new development and reminding me that the weeks between milestones are long gone. He isn't that tiny little guy that fit into the palms of my hands and who's neck needed constant support. Though I would like to keep him this small for the next twenty years, it isn't going to happen. It's definitely time for Dylan and I to start reading Dr. Seuss', "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" Because it is going to take mommy a very long time to get used to the notion of Dylan going anywhere without me playing shadow.

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