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September 9, 2013

Huntington Beach Boy

Yesterday we took Dylan to the beach for the first time, anxious to see his reaction knowing it could go any number of ways. I thought Dylan would be confused by the sand, the loud wind from the ocean breeze and that the crashing waves at the shore would scare him. Au contraire! Dizbaby is a beach boy enthusiast and he was all smiles when I took him to the shoreline. Aside from the water being freezing cold the low tide made it the perfect condition for a first timer. I was reluctant to let Dylan touch the water but he was too eager to hold back. When the waves hit he smiled and began cracking up and squealing in excitement. We spent some time bouncing around in the waves and standing up in the sand before retiring at our umbrella for a snack and nap. Dylan's first beach experience was definitely the best it could have been and if the weather permits us we will be back soon. I'm so glad my husband was able to capture the moment in these pictures.

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